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    "Your heavenly harmonics" is your musical connection to the stars. Itís your personal birth song, composed from the placement of the planets on the moment of your birth. Music is a language. It tells a story. Your heavenly harmonics tells a story also. There are three parts to this piece of music, a planetary intro, the conception and your natal song. We will discuss each part so you have a better understanding of what you are listening to.

    Before you were even thought of, there existed our solar system, nine unique planets, orbiting and spinning around a brilliant fire ball, our sun. Because our Galaxy is in constant motion, each planet has a frequency for its orbit and its spin. Frequency is a measurement for sound waves. Each planet spins and orbits at different rates of speed therefore, creating different tones. The first part of your heavenly harmonics is all the planets, starting with the sun and ending with Pluto, singing their musical tones one at a time. The sunís musical notes continue throughout the entire piece. Without our sun, there would be no galaxy or life.

    Something magical happens, two microscopic cells unite to create the beginning of what will become you! In a few short weeks your heart begins to beat, the beginning of your personal rhythm. A circle of water protects you as you grow and develop. The second part of "Your Heavenly Harmonics", is the conception, the water sounds you first heard while in the womb.

    The third part of your song is as unique as you are. The melody is composed from the placement of the planets on the moment of your birth. In order for you to understand the uniqueness of your melody, we need to talk about astrology. If an astrologer were to do a reading, they would ask for your birthday, time of birth and birth place. From that information, the astrologer would create a natal chart. A natal chart is a picture of the placement of the planets at the moment of birth. The only way two people could have the same natal chart is if they were born from two different mothers, in the same hospital, at the same exact minute. Every four minutes the rising sign changes by one degree, therefore, twins born just five minutes apart have different natal charts. It would take four thousand years for the planets to line up and be in the same position, as the position of your birth. Your melody is individually composed from your natal chart, written in the order of astrological importance, the sun; moon, rising sign, and all the other planets. Your natal song begins after the water sounds end.

       The most mind boggling part of this musical project is that the planetary musical tones and your personal melody reflect the astrological meaning. This does make sense if we analyze what a melody really is. A melody is based on relationship. One music note can not make a melody. Melody is the space and time between several musical notes, or the relationship between those notes. In astrology, itís the space and degrees between planets, or the relationship between planets that sets the climate for who we are. In music, when we hear a third played, {a third is the first and third note in any given scale} it is a sweet, happy harmonic. In astrology, when a trine is present, it is also a sweet, happy, positive placement. A trine and a third is the same thing.

    "Your Heavenly Harmonics" is the musical you! I encourage you to use it as a tool to become all you can be. Meditate to it. Relax to it. Go to sleep to it. Reflect while listening to it. I would like to thank you for allowing me to share your music with you.

Musically Yours,

Whendy l. Nellums

Whendy l  Nellums

Astrological, musical composer  


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