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Hi my name is Whendy Lou,
I am an astrological composer and lover of Holistic Science's. 
I have arranged something never heard before.
This is truly original, there is nothing out there like it.


 Mission Statement:
Heavenly Harmonics is here to raise a higher awareness of an individuals’ Divine given gifts and challenges. Through astrological personality reports, and “Your Heavenly Harmonics”, the custom composed music of the planets, at the moment of your birth; we give an individual the tools to connect with their inner spirit. Music is a powerful energy to change the states of consciousness in the listener. If you believe as we do, that, we are just a microcosm of the macrocosm, and then by meditating to “Your Heavenly Harmonics” you will be able to unleash your unlimited potential.  

Your Heavenly Harmonics” is your musical connection to the stars. It is your personal birth song, composed from the placement of the planets on the moment of your birth. “Your Heavenly Harmonics” tells a musical story of your physical and spiritual existence. The music is hypnotic, written in a bell choir voice with beautiful wind chimes throughout the entire piece.  It is truly celestial. For nine minutes and thirty-three seconds, you will find yourself connecting with the universe. If this is a gift for the newborn, the heartbeat and water sounds will be soothing and encourage sleep. There are three parts to “Your Heavenly Harmonics”, a planetary intro, the conception and your individually composed birth melody. Music is a powerful energy to change states of consciousness in the listener. Mysteriously, your personal birth melody seems to mirror your personality.   The hidden spiritual meanings are PROFOUND!

When you order “Your Heavenly Harmonics”, you will receive; your custom composed birth music recorded on CD, {9mins .33sec} an explanation of the music so you know what you are listening to, the hidden spiritual meanings behind the music, and a very accurate and detailed natal report. If this is for an adult, the personality report “ASTRO TALK’ will be sent. It is approximately 17 to 22 pages long. If this is for a child, the report “CHILD STAR” will be sent. This report is approximately 30 to 40 pages long and approved by a child psychologist. Both reports show our strengths, gifts, challenges and abilities.

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