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What is Your Birth Song?

“Your Heavenly Harmonics”

Your personal Birth Song is as individual to you as your Astrological Natal Chart. Each Birth Song is uniquely your own music composed from the alignment of the planets at the exact moment of your birth. Listening to your Birth Song is both a relaxing and stimulating experience.

Only $49.95 you will receive:

Your Personal Birth Song
Recorded on CD, and a Full Color Natal Chart.

Plus a 23 Page Personality Report (Adults)

33 Page Personality Report (Children)
Approved by a Child Psychologist

Own “Your Heavenly Harmonics” Today

Call – 845-863-5548 or Print out Form

click on .PDF file and print out. Fill in and mail in with your check

Order Form. PDF

Your Birth Name, Time, Place, and Date and we will Compose your Song Today!


Makes a Great Gift!



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