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Be aware of the subtle energies around you!


                    Meet Whendy Nellums of Your Heavenly Harmonics
                                                                             by Sehija Krcic

At 21 years old, Whendy Nellums started her Carpet Cleaning business.
One day, she received a call from a potential client and was asked to come
to the client’s home and give a demonstration. Whendy pulled up to an old,
run-down mansion. She said that she felt an automatic eerie vibe once she seen
the home and the condition that it was in. When an old butler answered the door,
Whendy thought to herself, “Ok, this is straight out of a scary movie!”

 The butler directed her to sit and wait in the library. Whendy began
to feel a bit nervous. She was finally led to meet her client, who was
an 80 year old bedridden woman. As Whendy was going through her
routine of explaining what she does to the carpet(s), she bent down to put
the carpet cleaning solution in the vacuum and pulled something in her back.
Standing back up painfully, Whendy held her hand on her lower back and said
“Ouch!” it was then and there that the client stated, “You are a Sagittarius.”
Whendy, a bit puzzled, but intrigued, said, “Yes, I am.” The client proceeded to
tell Whendy things that were going on in her life at that very moment.
Whendy wondered if the woman was a psychic and started to feel Whendy out,
but nevertheless, was completely fascinated with the woman’s accuracy.
The woman pointed to an old fashioned red Victorian-like phone, and said
“President Reagan calls me on that very phone. I am his personal astrologer.”
This was the beginning of Whendy love (and slight obsession)
with the science of Astrology.

    Whendy started doing research on Astrology shortly after her meeting with the
bedridden astrologer. At that point in her life, she was frustrated with men
and life in general. She was amazed at how on point Astrology was when it came to relationship compatibility. Whendy was raised in Orange County’s Westtown.
She graduated from Minisink Valley High School and attended Stratford
Career Institute, finishing a 2 year course on Astrology & Parapsychology in
eighteen months. She also took home-study courses in the same field.
She has been a Port Jervis resident for 5 years.

Whendy's family is a long list of artists. Her great grandmother was a songwriter,
her grandfather a musician, her mom an artist, her sister a photographer, and
she has a brother who works in graphic design. Whendy read a book by
Max Heindel that inspired her to create a product called, “Your Heavenly Harmonics.”
Your Heavenly Harmonics is your musical connection to the stars.
It is your personal birth song composed from the placement of the planets
at your date and time of birth. How is that created you may ask.
What are the musical notes of the planets? This is where Pythagoras comes into play.


Musica Universalis (or music of the spheres) is a philosophical idea that sees
proportions in the movements of celestial bodies - the Sun, Moon,
and planets - as a form of music. This music is not literally audible,
but simply a harmonic and/or mathematical concept. The Greek philosopher
Pythagoras is credited with creating the concept, which stemmed from his
mystical and mathematical philosophy.

In 2006, an experiment conducted by Greg Fox divided the orbital
periods of the planets in half again and again until they were audible.
The principle of octaves in music states that whenever a sound-wave is
doubled or halved in frequency, it yields another pitch similar in flavor to
the original one. This can be applied (through very large octave shifts) to
any periodic cycle, including the orbits of the planets. So, this is where the
planets were given their own musical notes.

The melody is composed from the placement of the planets on the
moment of your birth. In Astrology, in order to create someone’s birth chart,
they must have your birth date, birth time, and location of your birth.
Whendy takes this information and composes the music in the order of
astrological importance, the sun, moon, rising sign, and all other planets. 

This product is unique because everyone’s melody is completely different!
The only way two people can have the same melody is if they were
born on the same day, same exact time, and same location. It is also
quite fascinating how one who may be a bit on the demanding side,
obsessive or controlling, can have a very heavy and dark sounding melody.
Your melody is your personality put into music! The CD that holds
your melody consists of 3 parts. A planetary introduction, the “conception”
and your very own natal song. The first part of the CD, the planetary
introduction, are the notes of each planet, starting with the sun and
ending in Pluto. The second part is the “conception” the sounds of water
that you heard while in the womb. Lastly, is your own unique natal song.
When asked whether she seen people as melodies, rather than by their
zodiac signs, Whendy stated, “Nothing is set in stone. Astrology sets the
climate for who you are. Your Heavenly Harmonics is the musical you!
I encourage you to use it as a tool to become all you can be. Meditate to it,
relax to it, go to sleep to it. Reflect while listening to it. I would like
to thank you for allowing me to share your music with you. Remember,
this is all inspired by the Divine!”



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