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Dear Whendy,

I just received your wonderful package yesterday and listened to the music of my planets at bedtime. The music was so soothing.  I liked it so much.  Did you compose it based on the houses beginning at house 1?

The astrology reading was very powerful.  Thank you so much for all of that work on it.  I will be reading and hearing the beautiful sounds often.  You are such a good astrologer and I wish you much success with putting that talent and your music talent of each individual together in such a beautiful and meaningful way.

I am so happy and honored that you found such a creative use for my own research.

It would be so wonderful to meet you.  When do you think that you could come to do the filming?  Hopefully before the snow flies!
We have a cottage that you both could stay in, if you like.

Thank you so much for everything,

Barbara Hero


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